Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Mission Kayak Located?

A: Mission Kayak does not operate out of a store or building. All of our trips, King William’s events, kayak rentals and kayaking classes have different meeting locations.  Please refer to your conformation email for the exact address of where to meet. You can click on the link in the email and it will load an interactive Google map. You can also check out our Locations & Maps page for information on where the different trips meet and click on the interactive maps.

Q: Can we bring liquor or beer on our kayak trip?

A: Absolutely NOT!!! The San Antonio River Athority has strict rules about consuming any type of alcohol ( this includes liquor AND beer) while recreating on the river.  Please refer to the San Antonio River Authority’s Concession Permit for Commercial Water Craft & Guide Services on the San Antonio River. The 8th bullet on page 6 under Usage Regulations states “NO ALCHOL OR GLASS CONTAINERS ARE ALLOWED." Click here full regulation in PDF format.  This is the regulations Mission Kayak is required to follow. For people who are in their own person kayaks or are using one of Mission Kayak’s kayaks, there is a strict city ordinance on the consumption of alcohol in city parks. The entire Mission Reach Paddle Trail is a city park and per city ordinance doesn’t NOT allow alcohol. Click here to see the  City of San Antonio Park ordinance regarding alcohol in city parks.  The San Antonio Park Police will cite anyone they find drinking on the river or intoxicated when getting off the river. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department also has a law against consumption of alcohol while operating a watercraft (yes kayaks are legal considered watercraft) Click here to the see the TPWD Water Safety Act 2017-2019 and reference Chapter 49.

Mission Kayaks takes this rule VERY SERIOUSLY. If you are caught with alcohol or beer on the the river the SA River Athority can and will pull our operating permit. We are a small family owned company and losing our permit will have devastating affect on our family and all 9 of our wonderful employees. We simply ask that you save your drinking for after your kayak trip.

(NOTE #1: Due to a few dishonest people, Mission Kayak employees are now required to checks ALL coolers, backpacks, dry bags, camelbacks, etc. for alcohol and beer. If any alcohol or beer is found you will be asked to leave it in your vehicle. If you refuse, your trip will be canceled and a refund will NOT be give. )

(NOTE #2: If you attend any of our trips and sneak alcohol on the river Mission Kayak employees are required, by the owners, to call and report you to the SA Antonio Park Police so that the park police can write you a citation. Again this company is our lively-hood. We simply ask you to be considerate, follow the rules.)

Q: I have never kayaked before. Is it difficult?

A: We like to say that kayaking is easier than riding a bike. 95% of our customers are first time kayakers. If you are unsure about kayaking down the river we offer GUIDED KAYAK TRIPS where one of our American Canoe Association Certified Kayak Instructors will guide you safely down the river and show you how to paddle.

Q: What is the best way to contact Mission Kayak?

A: The quickest way to contact us is by calling us at 210-383-0872. You can also email any questions to MissionKayak@gmail.com or Text your question to 210-383-0872. If we do not answer the phone its because we are either shuttle driving or are on the river guiding a group. Please leave is a voicemail and we will return your call at the end of the day.

Q: Why is it sometimes tough to get Mission Kayak on the phone?

A: Mission Kayak gets a lot of inquiries every day. Many times we are guiding trips or driving the shuttle van  and cannot safely answer the phone. If you leave us a voicemail we will happily return you call and answer your questions. We can more easily respond to text messages or emails!

Q: Once we get to Espada Park, where do we park?

A: Please see our  Locations & Maps page for a map of Espada Park and where to park will be highlighted in red.

Q: If I am staying downtown, can I walk to Mission Kayak?

A: Mission Kayak is located about 8 miles South of downtown. You’ll probably want to get a cab, use UBER, or rent a bike to get down to Espada Park.

Q: Do I have to make a reservation, or can I just show up?

A1: RIVER TRIPS: All of our river trips require a reservation (online or over the phone). Mission Kayak’s trips are quite popular and are usually sold out on the weekends during the summer. If you show up without a reservation there is a good change we will not have kayaks available for you.

A2: KAYAK RENTALS: Our weekend kayak rentals at Espada Park are “walk-up friendly". However, these rental can be booked online and online reservations take priority over walk-ups. We highly suggest making a reservation for the rentals as well to ensure you get on the water.

Q: Why can’t I book a same day trip online? Why does it say “call for reservation"?

A: We have set our booking engine to stop allowing bookings at midnight the night before. At 5:30am each morning we look at the days schedule and see what trips are scheduled for the day. We then adjust personnel and equipment as needed to ensure each client has exactly what they need for a great kayaking experience. If you are interested in a same day trip we ask that you call us and we try our hardest to get you on the river. (Our weekends book up fast and while its not impossible to get a same day weekend trip is unlikely due to high demand)

Q: Will Mission Kayak be operational on weekdays?


  • March – October:  open 7 days a week.
  • November – February: open Friday – Sunday (note: exceptions can be made for large groups, DMCs, or special events)


  • March – October: open Saturday – Sunday.
  • November – February: Closed

     Specific dates and times for each trip can be found by clicking on our Mission Kayak Calendar.

Q: I have kids, can they get a kayak too?

A: Kayaking is the ultimate family sport and we love to see families on the water! The ages vary depending on which kayak trip you are looking for.

  • KAYAK RENTALS: We have life vests for kids as young as 2 years old and we have two 2-person kayaks that have seats for up to 2 adults and a child. The parent or guardian will need to give consent, and also sign our liability waiver. Children between the ages of 2 and 5 must be in a tandem kayak with their parent or guarden. Kids 6-12 can be in their own kayak for the on-site rentals
  • RIVER TRIPS: Kids 6-12 can be in their own kayak for the SILVER (2 mile) trip. Kids 13 and older can be in their own kayak for the GOLD (3-mile) kayak trip. Kids 13 and older can go on the PLATINUM (4-mile) kayak trip and can be in their own kayaks. However, parents need to understand that this trip is GRUELING even for adults and many of todays youth will have a very difficulty time completing the 4-miles. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call.

Q: What is the Mission Reach?

A: The Mission Reach is the Southern Section of the San Antonio River. It is a project that aims to restore the San Antonio River to its natural riparian habitat. The Mission Reach extends for 8 miles along the section of the San Antonio River that hosts the historic San Antonio Missions. You can find more information at http://www.sanantonioriver.org/mission_reach/mission_reach.php

Q: How many people can Mission Kayak accommodate on one trip?

A: Mission Kayak can currently accommodate up to 50 people. We have 4, 9-foot kayaks that hold up to 250 lbs, and eight tandem kayaks can seat two people and hold up to 500 lbs. We have 2 shuttle vans can cary 14 passengers each. If your group contains more than 28 people we can make arrangements to ensure everyone gets on the river at the same time. Please know that our Platinum and Gold river trips are conducive to such large groups. If you are interested in trips with more than 14 people please give us a call so that we can talk with you in more detail about your groups needs.

Q: Is there a weight limit?

A: Mission Kayak’s single kayaks can hold up to 250 lbs, and double kayaks can hold up to a total of 450 lbs.

Q: Does an individual need a permit to kayak on the San Antonio River?

A: Anyone with their own gear can kayak on the San Antonio River. There are restrictions as to what types of kayaks are allowed on the river. Please see the San Antonio River Authority’s website for these restrictions.

If an individual takes a group of people out on the river they must obtain a river permit from the San Antonio River Authority. Please see the San Antonio River Authority’s website for these restrictions.

Q: I have my own kayak, can I just buy the shuttle service?

A: Our river permit and commercial insurance does NOT allow us to shuttle other peoples personal gear.

Q: Do you offer group discounts?

A: Mission Kayak offers a 20% military discount to AD/Retired Military & First Responders, use Promo code MIL20 (bring your active duty military ID, Retired Military ID or any other ID proving your a First Responder with you on the trip. If you do not have the ID we will back charge the discount to your CC). We also discount to a number of non-profit organizations. If you want to know if your group qualifies for a 20% discount please email MissionKayak@gmail.com.