Group & Corporate Kayak Tours

Mission Kayak offers 5 different custom kayak trips for groups, corporations and destination management companies.

HOW TO BOOK A TRIP: Simply read about all the different trips. Once you know which trip best fits your need call us at 210-383-0872 or email us at We will gladly answer all your questions and help you book your perfect kayak tour.

WHAT IS THE MINIMUM & MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS? We require a minimum of 8 participants for any of our group and corporate tours. The largest group we can put on the river at any one time is 28 people.

ARE THESE TOURS GUIDED? Yes! Our private and groups tours are GUIDED tours.  All of our guides are American Canoe Association (ACA) Certified Level 2 River Kayak Instructors, have under gone hours of river rescue training and are First Aid/CPR certified. 

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE PRICE? The price includes 1 kayak rental, 1 paddle, 1 life vest, and a shuttle to the put-in, if needed. All trips also include a least one ACA certified Level 2 River Kayak Instructor.

DO YOU HAVE 2 PERSON KAYAKS? Yes, We have 5 tandem (2-person) kayaks. If your clients want tandem kayaks we need to know how many people plan on going tandem (max 10 people) so that we can make the proper adjustments to accommodate the request.

DO YOU OFFER DISCOUNTS? Both the weekday and weekend prices below are discounted compared to the price of our regular kayak trips. There are no discounts for Kayak and Beer events.

IS A DEPOSIT REQUIRED? Yes, a 50% deposit is required at the time the trip is booked. The remaining balance is due the day of the trip.

Dinner & Beer Tasting options

King William's Kayak Tour

This is the same tour as our King William's Kayak Tour. After the kayak tour you group will follow our guides over the Blue Star Brewery. You can choose to enjoy beer tasting, dinner or a combination of both! If you choose the Dinner option you group will enjoy appetizers, entree of your choice and non-alcholic drinks.

$58 /person (kayak tour + beer tasting)

$68 /person
(kayak tour + dinner)

$90 /person
(kayak tour + beer tasting & dinner)

Beautiful Historic Flatwater Tour

King William's Kayak Tour

Enjoy a wonderful 2 mile guided kayak trip through the historic King William section of the San Antonio River. This tour lasts 1 hour and is a great flat water kayak trip that has amazing views of the downtown skyline & old German style mansions. During this tour you guide will talk about the history of the King William District, the La Vaca Districts.

$41 /person

Spectacular Nature Tour

Davis Lake Nature Kayak Tour

Enjoy a wonderful 2 mile guided kayak trip along the shores of Davis Lake. During this tour you will learn about the abundance of wildlife that calls the San Antonio River home. Depending on the time of the year you will see birds of prey like the Osprey, Red Shouldered Hawks and the CaraCara.

$50 /person (Fri-Sun)

$45 /person (Mon-Thurs)

More Adventurous

Silver Kayak Trip

This is the a fairly easy mostly flat-water 2-mile kayak trip that has two fun and exciting kayak shoots to paddle though. The kayak shoots are perfectly safe and offer a little whitewater excitement for all to enjoy! This trip takes any where from 1-2 hours depending on the size of the group. Smaller groups will take about an hour while groups of 14 or more will take closer to 2 hours.

$65 /person (Fri-Sun)

$60 /person (Mon-Thurs)

Fun Team Building Activities

Lake Team Building

Your group will enjoy learning the basics of paddling with a quick kayaking lesson before hitting the water to play a number of kayaking games that are team focused. These games include Kayak Battleship and Ultimate Kayak Frisbee and many more. You can choose from 1 hour, 2 hour or 4 hour team building activities. Lunch can be arranged for an additional fee.

4 hours –  $80 /person  (Mon-Fri Only)

2 hours – $50 /person (Mon-Fri Only)

1 hour – $30/person (Mon-Fri Only)

 For more information or to book a trip call 210-383-0872 or email