The San Antonio Bike Tour

Tour includes a San Antonio Certified Tourism Ambassador as your tour Guide, 7-speed Bicycle, Helmet, Bike Basket, and hands-free walkey-talkey.

The Mission Bike Tour is the best way to experience the San Antonio Missions. This trip truly feels like an adventure. We bike down the Mission Reach trail of the San Antonio River and talk about this history of the San Antonio River. You will see many different species of plants and animals that call the San Antonio River home. Imagine the life of indigenous people and Spanish settlers as you learn about the deep and rich history of the San Antonio Missions. The tour stops at Mission San Jose, Mission Espada and Mission San Juan where you can spend a little time exploring and photographing the missions and take a guided tour provided by a park ranger at Mission San Jose. Then you will end back at the same spot you started.

Trips run Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings from 9am-12:30pm.

* This price does not include taxes and fees.

San Antonio Bike Options

Bring your own bike!
Rent a Mission Bike
Tour Bike

San Antonio Missions

Mission San Jose

Mission San Juan

Mission Espada